SightScope is an autonomous, best-in-class photonics sensor for industrial surface inspection powered by the integration of advanced photonics technology, machine learning and Industry 4.0 system standards. Based on a medical sensing technology called Optical Coherence Tomography, SightScope creates high-quality 3D images of surfaces to feed Sightline’s machine learning software platform. Networked into an array, the system outperforms the competition in paint inspection, weld inspection, glass inspection and much more.


Ever since their discovery, lasers have advanced continuing new fields of science and technology, all organized under the common label of “photonics.”


In industrial environments, inaccurate inspection can lead to wasted product or materials, loss of time and contribute to process inefficiencies.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is entirely dependent on sensors to “eye-and-supply” data that can be used to provide key information that is integral to the evolution...

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